Kate Davies Graphic Design www.kdgd.co.uk
Kate Davies Graphic Design www.kdgd.co.uk
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kate davies graphic design

Driven by strong imagination and an infectious enthusiasm for creative projects, kate davies graphic design relish creating highly effective concepts and artwork for corporate images, advertising and literature. We are a long established studio (well we think that 25 years in the business means established!) with a track record of working for organisations large and small, around the corner and across the world.

From the simplest letterhead to a multi-national rebranding exercise we can offer a cost effective and personal service - one that has stood the test of time and is reflected in a client list that has grown steadily over the years.

If your business or product needs to establish new branding, or you need to evolve an existing corporate image with ideas that stand the test of time, contact us by or telephone 01908 566930.

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